Love me some… Sweet Magic
December 13th, 2010|Filed Under Random things around the way...

sweet magic my social chef Love me some... Sweet Magic

I’ve been out of commission for about a month due personal and family issues. I couldn’t work, cook, turn on the computer or go out. It was probably the worst month of my life. The biggest decision I made most days was whether to watch The View or The Jerry Springer Show.

On the bright side, I did catch up on a lot of reading, and had the pleasure of reviewing a great new cookbook, Sweet Magic (not to be confused with Blue Magic). Initially, when the publisher sent this book to me, I wasn’t very interested in it. For one thing, it had no pictures. I’d never come across a cookbook without pictures. I mean, even Beard on Bread has beautiful drawings. Pictures are a vital part of a good cookbook. They whet our appetites and help us understand what the end product should look like. Before I start a new recipe, I want to know a little bit about what the end result of my hours in the kitchen should look like.

But even without pictures, I must say this book is very entertaining. Some of the recipes are not so simple, but that’s coming from a non-baker, and still others surprised me with how easy they are. I never thought you could actually make éclairs at home. Michael Richard, not to be confused with Seinfeld alum and racist Michael Richards, has a great recipe that will make you feel like a 300-pound Parisian baker on a tear. Check it out here

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