Shady Bitch Cookies
January 3rd, 2011|Filed Under Random things around the way...

 Shady Bitch Cookies

I have two cousins that make these amazing oatmeal cookies for me every time I see them. Normally, I don’t eat oatmeal cookies — but these are phenomenal: soft oats on the inside, crunchy oats on the outside and chocolate chips instead of raisins. I’ve asked them for the recipe many times, but each time I did, they wouldn’t utter a word. Curiously, they didn’t even say that they don’t share recipes. They were just completely silent.

Finally, last week, they had a change of heart and shared their “secret” recipe with me. It turns out it wasn’t a homemade secret recipe, but rather a prepackaged mix from Betty Crocker! I still can’t get over how good they are. And here I thought their silence was due to selfishness, but it was more due to their shame. Hence the name of this “recipe.” Enjoy

Check out the Betty Crocker Cookie Page

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  1. julianna kaloshi says:

    hahahhhaha i love you

  2. LOL – great post title :-)

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