Seafood Recipes

Whether you want to make your daily diet more diverse or you need to bring an exotic zest into your carefully thought-out menu for some very special occasion, making a few nice seafood dishes would probably be the most gourmet and multifunctional idea to come up with in both cases. Generally, the term seafood covers all those edible and healthy gifts of the World Ocean with which we mostly associate different types of fish and shellfish. Some dieticians and chefs also add edible seaweeds to this list. Whatever, the vast variety of sea foods definitely speaks in their favor, especially when it comes to cookery. Each type of seafood can act equally well as a base of any light meal and a flavorful additional ingredient to traditional main courses. By the way, speaking about culinary traditions, some seafood recipes may become very good alternatives to originally meat dishes. Below we are glad to offer you a beautiful selection of delectable and surprisingly easy seafood recipes. With them you always have a great opportunity to treat yourself and your nearest and dearest with scrumptious specialties of different coastal cuisines, which have actually gained huge popularity and favor all over the world.

Seafood Appetizers for Fine Start

Indeed, any of them will bring some unobtrusive deliciousness and freshness both to a party and a soiree.

• Smoked salmon slices paired with caviar (you can purchase caviar online), olives and crackers will be a good choice to create any kind of morsels.

• Canned tuna blended to a pâté and seasoned with fresh herbs turns into a heavenly dip.

• Marinated or canned anchovies are nice full-flavored toppings for your favorite breads.

• Different types of shrimps in their steamed, grilled or baked variety can serve as simply outstanding nibbles. And do not forget about that sumptuous shrimp cocktail most of us love so much.

• Oysters and mussels also offer a wealth of culinary options. Served either steamed in their own shells, or wrapped in fried bacon, they will be a toothsome hors d’oeuvre anyway.

• If you want to try something unusual but exceptionally toothsome, when cooked properly, there is a wide range of the best octopus recipes for you to choose the one you like most of all. You can gently grill or simmer baby octopi in a casserole and serve them with your favorite vegetables, beans and sauces.

Create Your Own Seafood Salad Recipe

• Smoked salmon and canned tuna can make a tasty base for a healthy nutritious salad. Mix either of them with chopped veggies, greens, cream cheese or Greek yogurt, and sprinkle the medley with some olive oil or vinegar.

• Accompany cooked mussels, scallops or shrimps with cherry tomatoes, green peppers, fresh greens and herbs, seasoning them with mayonnaise, sour cream or yogurt, and add several tablespoons of freshly squeezed lemon juice to complete the dish.

• Originating from eastern and southeastern regions of Asia, seaweed salads will be great nutritional powerhouses on your menu.

Magnificent Main Courses

• Warm your guests with creamy and chunky protein-packed seafood soup. One of the best recipes calls for salmon, haddock and cooked shellfish, simmered with potatoes and fried bacon. Among recommended seasonings there are mace, cayenne pepper and fresh parsley.

• Recipes for splendid Spanish seafood paella include shrimps, clams and mussels along with traditional sausages and hams.

• For your best seafood lasagna layer lasagna noodles with cooked lobster or crab meat, shrimps or scallops, and flavor the dish with mushrooms and cheeses. Season it with ground pepper and herbs to taste.

• Exquisite seafood pasta with cream sauce will be a wonderful choice for a warm and cozy family dinner. Let your culinary fantasy decide whether you would like to add some salmon, or cockles, or shrimps, or anything else.