I Hate You Rice Pudding with Cherry Syrup
June 29th, 2010|4 Comments

According to the dictionary forgiving is to cease to feel resentment against an offender. To the rest of us it means letting someone think you’re not mad at him or her and then torturing them until you can’t take it anymore. Finally you curse them out and feel much better. That’s what I usually do, and I know it’s not the best thing, but I do love getting even.

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(WWIE) Beet and Burrata Cheese Salad
June 24th, 2010|5 Comments

Have you ever woken up from a dream and thought it was your actual reality? That happens to me from time to time. I usually dream of the “friends in my head.” Sometimes I wake up and get so excited to drive up to Yonkers, pick up Mary J. Blige and race to Nordstrom in White Plains and do some shopping. But then, like most of us, reality hits in for me the second one of my feet hit the floor. I quickly realize Mary J. has no clue who I am and I just end up meeting my unemployed friends for breakfast. Read more »

Prosciutto and Dates
June 13th, 2010|1 Comment

Have you ever been called Bipolar? I haven’t, but I just self-diagnosed myself and am glad the medical professionals at WebMD have been so helpful. Don’t you ever feel like you’re two different people? Sometimes you’re really sad and other times really happy. You want to be the happy one, but the sad one keeps showing up, so you get even more upset and want the happy you to come back, but he doesn’t. Then the angry you will show up and beat both of them up.

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