DJ Slobo

DJ Slobo

No matter what the party is, you need music. I don’t care if the Marshall is coming to evict you out of your apartment for not paying rent, you need background music.

I love making a playlist for a party. Always know your audience. Background music is always good. If you are having dinner, pick music that is slower and not to bass heavy. If you are having a cocktail party include music that is more electronic and fast paced. This way the dorks can bob their heads up and down to pretend that they’re having a good time.

Here is a warning! At every party you’re always going to have someone who’s really “into” music. Not sure what that really means, if you listen to the radio, your iPod, CD or Pandora than you’re into music. Anyway, this jerk will walk in, go to your computer and analyze your playlist. Ask you why you have Britney Spears or Madonna, being really judgmental. Anyway, that guy can suck it. Cause he will then want to plug in his iPod or download music and play some stupid shit that no ones ever heard of. Believe me, I love listening to new music, but a party is not the time to have someone say, “Hey, listen to these lyrics”.

What I normally do is tell them that I’ve spent a lot of time choosing the music for this event and would appreciate if they would not change the music. That’s a nice way of saying to your guest “back the fuck up”. Other times I tell my guests that if they want to change the music just go forward or backwards in the play list. Not to go through my entire computer looking for songs that they like.

I’ve made up a few iTunes play lists that you can download for different types of occasions. Check them out on itunes.